Re: Updatefiles not found by the Rollback command


Raymond, do it the easy way. Delete all the Updatefiles for Ver folders except the five newest ones. 73.

On 09/04/2020 11:12 AM F4FNT via <f4fnt@...> wrote:

Thank you Bob for your answer. But I’m still trying to find out which setup I need to change. I’ve looked at the authorizations to various  .exe files located in the c:\Loggeer32 folder: Logger32rollback.exe, autoinstaller.exe, Logger32autoinstaller.exe, but no success….

My current Logger32 version is 3.50.422. The existing Updatefiles for ver…. go from 3.50.334 to 3.50.420 (19 folders). My Logger32 is Always launched as  administrator, as recommended and I haven’t seen any Antivirus issue, although I’m using Norton.

Some ideas on the setup parameters I should investigate ?

Thank you

Raymond, FFNT

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