Re: How to export ONLY QSOs with SOTA stations which are in SOTA_REF populated with reference

Aleksander Žagar

ja1nlx je 4.9.2020 ob 9:29 napisal:

Good Luck !


On 2020/09/04 16:24, Aleksander Žagar wrote:
ja1nlx je 4.9.2020 ob 9:02 napisal:


I think Logger32 have no capability to export QSOs only with SOTA_REF.

So try this step. You need ADIF Master program.

1. Export ALL Logbook in CSV.

2. Open CSV with MS Excel or similar.

3. Sort with SOTA_REF and save QSOs only with SOTA_REF as Test.csv

4. Run ADIF Master.

5. Import Test.csv.

6. Save it as Test.adi.


On 2020/09/04 14:33, Aleksander Žagar wrote:
Is there a way to export ONLY QSOs with populated SOTA_REF ADIF field.
I'd like to export from my whole log only QSOs with SOTA stations which has theire reference in SOTA_REF

All those stations has some data (i.e S5/JA-001 or W4C/CM-143 etc...) in  
the SOTA_REF adif field.

How can I made ADIF file for ONLY those and not all other QSOs in log?

I have more than 180.000 QSOs in and like to export around 400 such SOTA
QSOs. Anyone can step-by-step me?

Tnx for help,

Aleksander, S57S
73 de aki

TNX a lot Aki, I will try.

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73 de aki

Sorry Aki. Much tooo complicated. I give up at 3.

I'm not that good with EXCEL.

I hope Bob will add this function into Logger32.

73, Aleksander, S57S

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