L32L question

larry fields

   About a year ago I approached the group with a problem towards my logger 32 where I would add a callsign and with some help from Rick it would load the station to the log, along with the important parts.

That was done on a tablet with not enough room to breathe it was 59 gigs and a Windows 10 OS.

I have a newer model with Windows 10 as well and is 500 gigs. I loaded the L32L to it and it shows the callsign and info but won't do the automatic transfer to the log. Is there something I am missing?

I do recall I could click on a call on the log and be able to transfer all the info.

Is there a pdf or page I can look up to followup.

Thanks and 73
Larry Fields: du1/n6hpx 
MANILA PH (PH:9163405944(GLOBE))
DX1PAR, 7095 Khz
DX1PRS 145.340 Mhz
DX1AFP  432.440 Mhz

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