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Svein Henriksen



Many thanks for the quick reply. I thought the mention of Famous Grouse would catch your attention.

But sorry to disappoint you; I do know about this setting and it is indeed set already.

This window comes up automatically during the installation and is as you know the same place one puts one’s user name and password. Just doublechecked to be sure.


By the way, since some update, the program has saved the looked up data automatically by UDP, including the name,  both when I get answers to CQ calls and when I answer a CQ call. I am still using WSJT-X. This is still working perfectly on the laptop.


So still stumped. Any more ideas?


73 de Svein LA3PU




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L32Lookups opens a browser Window. At the top right click SETUP. Surprise, surprise, this opens the Setup Window of L32Lookups. At the bottom of this Window is a field that must point to where Logger32 is installed. Click SAVE. Have a large glass of Famous Grouse for me. SeventyThree(s).

On 08/23/2020 11:17 AM Svein Henriksen <la3pu@...> wrote:



I just installed a new PC and all is working but one thing.

The automatic internet lookup is not working.

It is working perfectly on the Laptop.

Laptop and new computer are both WIN 10 with latest updates.

Did a Logger32 full install. Same version as on the laptop.

Reinstalled QRZ lookup for Logger32 for HTML and input user name and password. These are correct as I can log in manually to with them.

latest version, same as on the Laptop.

All other settings are the same, I compared.

Input Callsign in Logbook entry window and hit Tab.

The Lookup window comes up but no data.

I am running both Logger32 and the QRZlookup as Administrator.

You never know with Windows and some stupid setting they have hidden somewhere.

By the way; the Windows install on this computer is a clean install and there are no other programs besides WSJT-X on it.


So now I’m stumped. Must be something I’m overlooking but can’t see it right now.

Maybe I’ll try Bobs method and go for some Famous Grouse later tonight 😊


Any suggestions anyone?


73 de LA3PU Svein



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