Re: Problem with BandMap


Halio Gary,

No. Sorry. I have the same setup.
The DxSpot w. work fine. The "Dx Spot presistence' i have 30min. That was always.
Slowly i think, that it is related to the last update. I have now 3,50,419.
Unfortunately i don't remember whether it started, after or before.
i did more BackRoll, but nothing. HiHI.....It was a good spark...hi! I just checked the logger folder. Last update was 13.08. I have on this day a qso with vp8. And the band map was good! Yes it 100%. On 14.08  the  5t5 qso was not. Since them i have not more qso.Because of the wrong BandMap. I was very nervous ...hi
Ok.But then why didn't the Rollback help??

73dx HA1AR Ernö

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