Re: Problem with BandMap

Gary Hinson

Hi Erno.


The band maps are full of spots for me – too full if anything since I am getting hosed by FT8 and FT4 spots at the moment (I’m stress testing!).  Right now I have something like 300 spots showing across 80 to 15m, with updates every few seconds.  [I had to increase the DXspot count from 300 to 1000 with a command line parameter when starting Logger32 to get that many.


Check your band map configurations: here’s mine (same on all my band maps, I think – they each have separate configs though) …



If you have the top option selected, the maps will only show ‘new ones’.  If there are no ‘new ones’ to show, they will be empty.


Likewise with ‘Show not QSOd this band/mode B4’: if all the recent spots are for stations you have already worked, they will not be shown on the band maps.


Finally, check the ‘DX Spot persistence’ settings.  10 minutes works well for me (except for the UDP map where 2 mins suits me better).  If set too low, spots appear only briefly, of course.  Given the timing on your screenshot, I don’t think that is your problem but it’s worth checking anyway.


73 GL

Gary  ZL2iFB


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Subject: Re: [hamlogger] Problem with BandMap


Hi Guys,
Does anyone know this problem?
Here is a picture of the problem.

73dx HA1AR Ernö

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