Logger 32 AND JTDX AND HDSDR and CWSKimmer ?

daniel lavocat


My configuration is as follows :
Yaesu FTdx5000 with a personal interface for digital mode (Digibox with stereo sound card)

Port Com Hardware for CAT is : COM #5 (generated by the Digibox interface)

I launch JTDX  (or WSJT) via the UDP menu of L32 which has the effect that L32 leaves the Com Port #5 to JTDX
and L32 reads the frequency from JTDX (See L32 Help § 5.4 Start)
JTDX is connected to the COM #5

and it works fine !!!

Now I would like to use my SDR (Funcub Pro +) via HDSDR program.
For this I use Omnirig (on the virtual port COM #9)

and I also connect CWSkimmer via Omnirig.

So I need an "echo" port of the com CAT (COM # 5) to a virtual port COM #9

I tried to use the "Echo Port" function and / or the "Slave port" function of L32 but it does not work.

For this I created a Virtual Pair with VSPE (Com #10 <==> COM #9) and set the Echo Port (or the Slave Port) to COM # 10

COM # 10 ==> Com #9 <==> Omnirig

I think it is me who does not know how to configure this (these) port(s)

Can You help me ?

Thanks and 73

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