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larry fields

very sad indeed the same ones who never opened there history books either or watched a documentary, or believed Captain Kangaroo was real and basketball is a true nation wide sport. Wonder if they tore down my uncles statue. I am suppose to related to Zachory Taylor. Heard they want to tear down Abraham Lincoln too.
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On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 1:41 PM Gary <wa3nwl@...> wrote:

Aha, Yes Ham radio went away when the internet was born. The young and entitled who can memorize exam questions will never know the smell of fried resistors, the glow of vacuum tubes in a dim radio room, nor will they know the excitement of actually tuning an analog dial with a short wave band spread radio listening intently for that weak DX station in the early morning or late evening hours. One day those tearing down our national history and monuments will one day swear that Vacuum Tubes and analog radios never existed and Marconi was only a myth….


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