Re: cherry pick option for dxcc needed on band

Dave Colliau

Ha Ha. I better keep my mouth shut but I do agree.
Dave N8DC
Know Code Guy :)

On 08/03/2020 4:18 PM Tom Wylie <thomasgwylie@...> wrote:

Ps. You are not actually making contacts, your computer is..... 

On Mon, 3 Aug 2020, 20:50 Damian M0BKV via, <damianm0bkv=> wrote:

Tom I don’t think making contacts and answering requests for a QSO is somehow easier using a Cherry Picker to select  stations, grid squares or DXCC you need instead of looking up your logbook or some other slow method to check out the many stations sending CQ on a busy band. In fact it shows a bit more intelligence  than the majority of users. And if this tool starts the call process then great because you’ve got a fighting chance of success in the cut throat world of DX. In the past a big amplifier was required for SSB but now many of us can beat the ZOO with vigilents and technology.


Its no way devaluing  DXCC because you use the PC and technology instead of using a linear amplifier as a crutch to break the pile ups.


In the future the low power stations will be reaching DXCC without upsetting their neighbours or moving house.



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I can't believe there are people out there happy for their computer to make contacts on their behalf then have the cheek to claim an award for effort....


It really devalues things like dxcc





On Mon, 3 Aug 2020, 18:40 Bob, <k4cy@...> wrote:

The cherry-picker does not know CQ Zones and does not call a station because of his Zone, SeventyThree(s).

On 08/03/2020 1:35 PM f8aof@... wrote:




Hi ,
Same question but for the CQ zones on each band, I did not find any tips ....
73 Jerome F8AOF

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On the UDP BandMap click CONFIG | APPEARANCE | HIGHLIGHT & TEXT COLORS. UNcheck all 7 of the gridsquare options. Click APPLY, SeventyThree(s).

On 08/02/2020 4:22 PM ANGEL WP4G <wp4g@...> wrote:




 If it's possible to configure cherry pick to just call needed dxcc on the band not needed grids?  Haven't figure out how.

Thanks 73 



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