Re: Logger32 cherry-picking problem after update to v.418, 419 and 420

Mariusz SP5GSM

Bob, thanks a lot for all tips. I know this feature in JTDX and I use it. Also I understand most of the functions of Logger32 - they are really very usable. Please understand that the problem is not how to configure and use this software. The problem is why - without any change in the configuration made by user - one of function which previously worked well stopped right after the update to the higher version. I compared the configuration before update and after update row by row and there is no any difference between them. As you can see in the screenshot attached to the message #80842 there are few callsigns highlighted in white due to "not credited for DXXC_MIXED". But they were not called even though they were highlighted because they all are EU stations - and that is OK. After the update they suddenly were called as you can see in the next message  #80843.
I did what you suggested in your previous message  #80851 and removed the “Country not credited for DXCC_MIXED” from the list of highlight options. Now the callsigns which matches with this condition are not visible, but are still called - no matter are they EU stations or not.
After that I've rolled back to the version .416 again and I'm going to stay with it because it works as I need and I haven't encountered any bug yet.
Frankly speaking I'm tired with this awkward dialogue. I feel misunderstood and a bit disappointed, but never mind. Logger32 v.3.50.416 works perfect and I'll keep with it.
73 and stay safe!

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