Re: Logger32 cherry-picking problem after update to v.418, 419 and 420

Dave Colliau

Bob just refund his purchase . Some people shouldn't have computers let alone free logging programs . Yes please kill this thread.
Dave N8DC

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Wednesday, 29 July 2020, 07:44PM -04:00 from Bob k4cy@...:

Ken, I think you're pissing up-wind. 73.
On 07/29/2020 7:40 PM Ken McVie < kenmcvie2@...> wrote:


There IS a DX SPOT HIGHLIGHT COLORS AVAILABLE  under the SET UP tab when you RIGHT CLICK in the DX SPOTS window. Please check again for this setting.



On 30/07/2020 11:26 am, Mariusz SP5GSM wrote:
Ok, let's start again. 
Right click on the DX Spot window > SETUP>APPEARANCE> and there is no DX SPOT HIGHLIGHT COLORS available. I checked three times. No such option, but I've found something like this:

 Maybe it will be helpful. That's why I've started this thread. I just tried to inform about some kind of problem I've encountered. It was the first time, and probably the last when I tried to give feedback from the user point of view about any software. I can't communicate properly in English in such issues. For example you've written "You have checked the option to show only European stations that are highlighted", that's why I paraphrased "If I have checked the option to show only European stations...". I have understood you've suggested that I selected option which is not available. It's misunderstanding.
So, it is possible to close this thread. I will patiently wait for clarification of this problem by any other user which is more ably in such issues. Thank you for your patience, and sorry for any "pontificate" whatever it means - I've never heard such word except Vatican City.

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