Re: Logger32 cherry-picking problem after update to v.418, 419 and 420


Mariusz, I will try to help you one more time (and only one) ... First, I ask you please not pontificate about how it should work. That will be your privilege when your Logging program is publicly released.

Now, to look at your message ... You said: If I have checked the option to show only European stations. There is no such option. The option is to block callsigns in Europe that are not highlighted. In the picture you sent the EU stations in the UDP BandMap were all highlighted white. I am on my knees begging, please tell me what a white highlight color means in your configuration. 

Right click on the DX Spot window. Click SETUP | APPEARANCE | DX SPOT HIGHLIGHT COLORS. You see the list of highlight colors you have chosen. Which one is white and checked? You are now looking at the reason the EU stations are showing in the UDP BandMap.

That's it. I gave it my best shot. For me, this thread is now closed. Other's may be more successful than I am. SeventyThree(s).

On 07/29/2020 5:10 PM Mariusz SP5GSM <sp5ot25swl0960@...> wrote:

If I have checked the option to show only European stations, tell me why the Cherry-picking calls only stations outside Europe? Of course only if the L32 is in version .416. It works that way at this moment when I write this words because I've performed rollback to this version. The same configuration in v.420 have worked in reverse way. That is the problem - someone have changed something unintentionally during preparation of v.418 (maybe .417 because I've missed this upgrade) and now this function works completely different than before. You focused on highlighting of stations - it depends if I worked this stations before or not on that band/mode. The window "Cherry-picking event viewer" depicted on the screenshot describe detailed cause of highlighting every stations called. But it completely doesn' matter when the "block (...) from Continent" is selected. Any stations - highlighted for any reason - should not  be called if they are from the same Continent as I am.
Does anyone have same problem? Because after last answer of Bob I feel a bit like someone unable to logical thinking. Maybe it's time to face with the bare truth about myself...

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