Re: Logger32 cherry-picking problem after update to v.418, 419 and 420


Mariusz, please do not think like Jan Lukasiewicz. The logic is simple, it is not Reverse Polish Notations ... You have checked the option to show only European stations that are highlighted. I look at the picture and I see EU stations highlighted in white. I don't know what a white highlight means, but it is highlighted. The question is why is it highlighted? I have asked twice, but no reply. What is a white highlight? If you move the mouse over the callsign the tooltip will tell you what is special and why it is highlighted. So please tell me why the EU stations are highlighted white? 73.

On 07/29/2020 3:19 PM Mariusz SP5GSM <sp5ot25swl0960@...> wrote:

Now see what happens right after update to v.420. The Cherry-picking start instatly and calls every stations that are not in my log, not worked on band and suchlike. But I don't change my configuration! I still have checked "block (...) from my Continent"! I don't want to call stations from Europe, I need stations outside EU. What happens? What is the difference? The only difference from my point of view is the L32 update to current version. 

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