Logger32 cherry-picking problem after update to v.418, 419 and 420

Mariusz SP5GSM

Since the update of my Log32 to v.418 I have a problem with the Cherry-picking feature embedded in WSJT/JTDX UDP Band Map. I usually have checked "Block callsigns/gridsquares with no highlight from my Continent". Thanks to this I've picked-up only true DX'es for my station, but now this feature doesn't work. Now the Cherry-picking functionality calls station from EU despite "Block (...) from my Continent" is still checked, and there is no difference if it is checked or not. I performed rollback to v.416 and the "Block (...) from my Continent" feature now works perfectly.
The problem still occurs both in v.419 and v.420 so I decided to remain at v.416, but I hope you can find any remedy for this issue.

Vy 73! from Mariusz SP5GSM

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