Re: Macros split CW

Arturo LU6ETB

Hi Serge,


I use following one in a TS-850


$command FR1;$

$command MD#mode#;$

$command FT1;FB#split 01#;$

$command FR0;FT1;$


By changing 01 you add macros for another splits


Hopefully this is what you are looking for.


In the Help under “MACROs, Hot Keys and Programmable Buttons” you Will find aditional info


73 de Arturo, LU6ETB


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As split settings and split operation is not confined to CW. There are several 'split' macros on the Radio Control Panel that can be applied to any/all modes. SeventyThree(s).


> On 07/19/2020 5:52 PM Serge Bykovsky via <datatelecom@...> wrote:


> Please


> Who  knows  how  to  implement  split shift in CW macros command?  UP1

> f.e.g.


> I often use destination control of my radio (remote) and it should be useful.


> Thank you,


> Serge Ra6ydx


> P.S.  Digi  shift macroses are  in the help file section I see. But no more

> for CW mode. Sorry







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