Re: Name missing in L32Lookups


... but it does work. and I just tested it. Check your setup options on the Logger32 QRZ Lookup window. SeventyThree(s)

On 07/20/2020 5:14 PM Damian M0BKV via <damianm0bkv@...> wrote:

Thanks Bob, Poor old Winston Churchill got blamed for the cockup. All he wanted to do was go through the back door, he meant well, rip Winnie.
However your WSIT-X explanation of the problem doesn't explain the fact that if you're not using any Data mode but SSB or CW Rik's Lookup App that gets all the QRZ.COM information about the contact OK and displays it in your 'Internet Callsign Lookup' Popup window refuses to transfer it when you click on the Popup Window. 

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