Re: QRZ Lookup

Rick Ellison

In the next 24 hours whenever the Lookup checks the server you should get a notice of an update for L32Lookups. Or you can click Setup/Check for updates and it should tell you there is an update.

This should fix the QRZ lookup until they change something else…


73 Rick N2AMG


From: [] On Behalf Of Rick Ellison
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2020 10:53 AM
Subject: Re: [hamlogger] QRZ Lookup


The ones that are having this problem could you turn Debug on and do a couple of lookups and then turn debug off.

In the directory where L32Lookups is installed you will find a file called L32LookupsDebugLog.txt attach that to an email and send it to me.

Looking at the changes at to the xml interface that should not be changing the name format.


73 Rick N2AMG


From: [] On Behalf Of John
Sent: Wednesday, July 15, 2020 9:59 AM
Subject: [hamlogger] QRZ Lookup


After years of using Logger16 and logger32, I actually have a problem.


Starting this morning, the “ NAME “ no longer transfers from


Any ideas ??







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