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Damian M0BKV

Thanks Bob All fixed, and thanks to John G7SSE for the countries that needed to be added to ‘ADIF Countries with Primary Subdivision.TXT’ File in the Logger32 folder. I noticed ‘245 Ireland’ was already there. Just the UK’s 8 countries missing.

A simple edit with Microsoft Notepad fixed it.


My UK counties with the governments 1974 and after changes isn’t valid as a secondary Admin sub division but no longer used for WAB (regular changes made it impossible to include by WAB). Ireland counties, Navigation Aids and Trig Points work fine.  


I’m hoping to get an App (similar to SOTA award claims)  that will filter out from the ADI file what is produced from the Logger32 Logbook only WAB/WAI QSOs and then converting it to Excel. This, hopefully, will make claims to WAB for awards simpler than the present claiming. We will see.


Thanks again to everyone that contributed to solving this problem.


Damian M0BKV




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I have no idea, but to maintain just the slightest modicum of compliance with the ADIF Meisters edicts, you (hopefully) will find a file in your \Logger32 directory called ADIFCountriesWithPrimarySubdivisions.txt if y'all are not on the list, Logger32 probably won't like you playing with the big boys. It's a text file, let your fingers do the walking. SeventyThree(s)

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I've noticed for some time, probably a couple of years, since there was a change to the re-definition of the original STATE and CNTY fields.and is now primary and Secondary. (I think this happened after Version 2.8.1 of Logger32 according to the help files). Not sure, anyway awhile back certain features didn't work the same.

I added the Worked All Britain awards to my Primary and Secondary Database years ago, This consisted of adding to the Primary Admin Database the UK and Ireland (Eira) WAB/WAI square references. And added to the Secondary Admin Database the UK Counties, Admiralty Navigation references (Lighthouses, Lightships, etc) and Ordnance Survey Trig Points. 

Well the WAB/WAI square references were added to the individual countries England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, etc. When this is now carried out the countries disappear from the database lists if you try to find them. They are there but not visible and can't easily be recovered for updating etc. When you enter a valid reference  (WAB/WAI Square) in the log it registers correctly but entering the Secondary Admin associated county or whatever reference is not possible until the QSO has finished logging, only then can you add the county (or whatever) by right-clicking the QSO entry in the Logbook Page and clicking on 'Edit Admi Subdivision Info' and then it's possible to enter it in the pop-up.  This should have been possible earlier with the Logbook QSO Entry Window.

I know as this is an add on to the awards that I created it's not supported by Logger32 but I was hoping help could be given to me to solve the problem. It was all working when I first added the UK awards module.

Damian M0BKV


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