Re: Looger32 is not connecting to 7300

Vilhjalmur Sigurjonsson


On the bottom status bar of the logbook you should see a button with the caption Radio1, is that red or blue?

If red, the port is closed, in that case right click on it and select open port.

This is just my first wild guess (as I have had this incident often after playing with JTDX)

73 Villi


From: [] On Behalf Of Bryan Sanders
Sent: föstudagur, 10. júlí 2020 23:35
Subject: [hamlogger] Looger32 is not connecting to 7300


When using logger32 before I had no problem with communication between rig and program.  It seems that something has happened with one of the updates that has been done.  I have went into configuration to make sure that everything matched between the program and the driver.  Everything all good there.  Any suggestions as to what might be happening?  I am all ears.


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