Re: Logger 32 / Wsjtx / Cherry picking


No issues getting stations to reply. You can see it both on wsjtx and logger32. 

On Mon, Jul 6, 2020 at 11:50 PM, Bob wrote:
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Can you show me a picture where you have actually been in QSO and you have been cut off?. 73.
On 07/06/2020 6:43 PM nodrog79 via <nodrog79@...> wrote:
Hi Bob, 

I can see why it gives up after the 3 calls. That's fair enough. 

On the other attempts the called station has replied to my call with decent reports. My station should then reply with a report etc and hopefully continue the QSO. Logger32 is telling wsjtx to halt tx.

The latter is happening every time. I call, they reply and the tx halts. 




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