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Open the cherry-picking event viewer (and all will be revealed) ... Send a picture of the events that occurred.  I suspect you will see Logger32 send a command to WSJT to call the station. After a few seconds Logger32 noticed that WSJT was not transmitting (How Rude!). So, Logger32 gets in a huff, and tells WSJT to forget it and turn off TxEnabled ... ad nauseum  ... If this is what you see, there's an option somewhere on WSJT (I don't have it on my PC) to enable it to accept UDP reply messages ... SeventyThree(s).

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I'm pulling my hair out with this one and would appreciate if anyone could help. 

I have wsjt-x working great. I have tried to go one further and use this with Logger 32 and the cherry-picking option. 

I right click UDP and open up the bandmap. The band map then populates with CQs coming from wsjt-x. 

I tick the cherry picking box and it automatically starts calling new countries from the CQ calls on wsjtx. 

Should the station reply it immediately sends a TX halt message to Wsjtx and starts calling any other CQing call sign which is a new country. It will do this all day calling new wanted stations but won't initiate the QSO sequence. Its seems to just halt as soon as there is a reply.

I can't find a lot of information on this and it seems to be almost working but I'm not sure what to try now. 

Can anyone help? 

Best 73


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