Logger 32 / Wsjtx / Cherry picking



I'm pulling my hair out with this one and would appreciate if anyone could help. 

I have wsjt-x working great. I have tried to go one further and use this with Logger 32 and the cherry-picking option. 

I right click UDP and open up the bandmap. The band map then populates with CQs coming from wsjt-x. 

I tick the cherry picking box and it automatically starts calling new countries from the CQ calls on wsjtx. 

Should the station reply it immediately sends a TX halt message to Wsjtx and starts calling any other CQing call sign which is a new country. It will do this all day calling new wanted stations but won't initiate the QSO sequence. Its seems to just halt as soon as there is a reply.

I can't find a lot of information on this and it seems to be almost working but I'm not sure what to try now. 

Can anyone help? 

Best 73


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