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Michael Buckle

Bob, I have sorted the RTTY selection issue, I have no idea why Logger32 suddenly started selecting RTTY instead of CW, perhaps the Gremlins have attacked.

I rebuilt any Band Monitor which demonstrated the RTTY issue by deleting the original monitor and replacing it with a newly formatted replacement.

As you suggested, I have zoomed the monitor windows to show only the first 100Khz and reset the Graticule Scale to 10Khz as shown on the Photo Below. Once again Bob, thanks for your help, 73s Mike G4RMV

On 04/07/2020 16:26, Bob wrote:
If you operate CW only, then yes, remove all the other modes from the BandPlan (if nothing else it will make things go much faster without having to plough through all the garbage to get to CW at the bottom of the list. Also, if you use the Logger32 CW Machine, toy can click the "Mode from Sound Card/CW Machine" option. that way, when the CW Machine is open the radio mode defaults to CW. SeventyThree(s).
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