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If you operate CW only, then yes, remove all the other modes from the BandPlan (if nothing else it will make things go much faster without having to plough through all the garbage to get to CW at the bottom of the list. Also, if you use the Logger32 CW Machine, toy can click the "Mode from Sound Card/CW Machine" option. that way, when the CW Machine is open the radio mode defaults to CW. SeventyThree(s).

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I have checked the Mode on the input window and have posted another screen shot below.

I only use CW, I don't any other settings relating to RTTY or any other mode.

The strange part here is, this is identical to the mode on the input screen when the main Monitor window is selected and, when clicked, does not set to RTTY and sets as CW. I will try and see if there is anything I can do on the Radio settings. What would happen if I deselect all other modes or at least the RTTY mode???

On 04/07/2020 15:49, Bob wrote:
Do you have the Sound Card Data Window open (running RTTY maybe)? What option(s) have you selected to determine what mode to put your radio on (Click on the word MODE at the top/center of the Logbok Entry Window)? Looking at the Radio Debug Window is the mode command being sent from Logger32 correct (is the radio doing as it is told, or does it have a RTTY fetish)? SeventyThree(s). 
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All, I have a small problem on 20m setup for Logger32 which appears to have just started.


  • Logger32 V3.50.419 (Latest available update)
  • Radio ICOM 7610

Now, when I look at the Monitor 20M band window and see a station I wish to work, I will click on that station and my radio QSYs to the Stations QRG, If however, it is the band for 20m and I click on 20.012 for a DX station, everything moves to that station but it changes the Mode to RTTY even though the station is clearly in the CW Area of the band. Now if I do exactly the same in the General Band Plan window (Left most Window in my Photo 1 attached), the radio again moves to 20m 14.012 but correctly changes to CW mode. Similarly, if I click on the scale graticule on the monitor, window, the Mode changes correctly.

Photo 1

Photo 2

This problem is very frustrating and I cant seem to set the band and mode for the 20m monitor to get the monitor to change to the CW end without the radio changing to RTTY. Any assistance on this issue would be appreciated.

Regards Mike G4RMV

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