Re: what is bad in bad.adi?

Michael Harris

At the start of each bad.adi qso record listed there is a line "error in the......" Usually for me county entries are most common. Given that counties are of no interest to me I just find that part of the record and delete it. I save the file, copy it to wherever your lotw reports are downloaded too and rename it new.adi thereafter just import it into L32 like you would normally do.

I do all my exporting and importing of lotw files manually. No automation


Mike VP8NO

On 04/07/2020 10:36, Ilya Zozin,4Z1UF wrote:
 After attempt to import LoTW report I've got many rejects. The note says that bad.adi created and it will be noted why these Q's are rejected.
 I don't see any note and cannot find anything wrong.
What is wrong?
Ilya, 4Z1UF

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