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Paul F6EXV

Yjank you Gary
Kosovo is back !
Paul F6EXV

Le 18/06/2020 à 07:54, Gary Hinson a écrit :

Hi Paul


By far the easiest way is to grab the latest country info from Club Log.


From the Setups menu, use Updates ...



A handful of clicks and you’re done.


If you select “Enable auto updates” as I have, this happens automagically in the background whenever you launch Logger32.  



Gary  ZL2iFB



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Hi all

I was just checking my statistics, and Z6 has disappeared froom my DXCC list.

How can I update the DXCC database ?

I have done  Setup/Updates/... but Z6 is still missing...

Thanks for your help in advance + 73

Paul F6EXV


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