Re: Any word from the ARRL yet?

Dave Colliau

Bob. Whatever it is your on have the doctors adjust the dosage . I am worried for you .
Dave N8DC

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Thursday, 11 June 2020, 09:26PM -04:00 from Bob k4cy@...:

Inquiring minds want to know? When will Washington State (top left corner of the USA) qualify for 'New Country' status?  I have made the necessary changes to Logger32, and pending IARU and ARRL blessing, we're a heartbeat away from a new one. Let me know, and an auto-update is a mouse click away ... For the USA-CA chasers, so sad, you just lost 39 ... This is more fun than trying to put frogs in a box ... SeventyThree(s)AndBackToNetOverOver.

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