Re: Bandmap missing FT8

Marty W0EET

Bob and Vince,
Thanks for your detailed yet inappropriate and unnecessarily condescending responses. The problem was I, as a first time Telnet user, assumed VE7CC was streaming spots based on my filter settings and didn't look carefully enough at the content detail. In reality, they filter out FT8 spots by default. If you're seeing FT8 spots you must have turned it on via command line as described at VE7CC. So when I wasn't seeing FT8 spots in L32 I assumed there was a problem with the filtering in the DX Spotting. My bad. 

And one final point if I may. I'm a casual FT8 user, almost exclusively on 6m. I agree it's "mindless" but with a compromise antenna during the sunspot minimum it's better than nothing. I've been licensed since the mid '60s, have 324 countries confirmed, have built numerous QRP transceivers and antenna systems, tens of thousands of CW contacts operating from 3 countries, been coding since Basic, a BSEE. SO BUGGER OFF.


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