Re: Bandmap missing FT8


Marty, can you be a little more specific. I connected to VE7CC and I get an avalanche of of FT8 DX Spots. Like this:

and in the DX Spots Window, I see this:

And the tooltip for AE4CC on 10M shows this:

It even knew 28074 was an FT8 frequency. Let's see what's in the 10M BandPlan:

and there isn't even a 10M segment in there. Magic. If you go back to the first picture, You'll notice that the FT8 DX Spots are from and aggregator or skimmer. In that case, Logger32 does not need to go to the BandPlan to figure out what the mode is, it's right there as the first word of the comment field. 

And, one final point if I may. If I can paraphrase your question "We FT8 users are too bone idle to edit our own BandPlans, can you do it for us?" Did I miss something? SeventyThree(s).

On June 9, 2020 at 1:56 PM Marty W0EET <mhtmr10@...> wrote:

Ft8 dx cluster spots don't appear in my VE7CC Cluster Telnet connection in L32 apparently because the Bandmap doesn't have mapping of Ft8 although other digital modes are there. Now I suppose I could edit the mapping to include all those Ft8 fqs but since so many of us use that mode, couldn't it be incorporated in an L32 update?

Marty W0EET 


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