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Luis, yes I think you now understand how the Continent blocking filter works (exactly like it says ... block all callsigns/gridsquares from my Continent that are not highlighted). There are options in JTDX to block callsigns by Continent. The decision is yours, Never see another European decoded from JTDX, or only see Europeans that you need for a new Band/Mode/Gridsquare ... Not rocket science. SeventyThree(s). 

On June 6, 2020 at 6:23 PM "Luis EA5L via" <ea5l@...> wrote:

Thanks Bob,
Fixed I think, I went back to version 3.50.417 and in cherry-picking options setup gridsquare calling options uncheck all the options and so event viewer is working fine and only caters to stations outside of europe in my case.
In version 3.50.416 having this checked it worked fine I don't know why.
EA5L Luis


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