Re: L32 - WJST-X - JTAlert - Rig Control


I have absolutely no idea what JTAlert is, or how/why you have it connected, but from a purely Logger32 perspective ... if WSJT and Logger32 are connected by UDP, then on the UDP BandMap click CONFIG and check the ALLOW WSJT/JTDX TO SET LOGGER32 FREQUENCY/MODE. And, FWIW, my piddling around shows JTDX is way better than WSJT and much more user friendly. SeventyThree(s).

On May 31, 2020 at 5:43 PM "Larry Van Horn - Radio (N5FPW)" <n5fpw@...> wrote:

I absolutely love the L32/WSJT-X/JTAlert combo. I have everything set up to log out of JTAlert to L32. My Icom IC-7200 feeds rig control etc to WSJT-X via my one com port 6.
The one thing I would like to see is L32 getting freq/band changes automatically from WSJT-X instead of me manually changing it. 

My question does anyone know of a way or a setup that I can use with the combo above that will accept freq/band changes to L32 from either the rig or WSJT-X..I have a couple of ideas, but before I start digging in, I wondered if any of you may have some thoughts on this? No need to reinvent the wheel if there is a proven way to handle that function.

Thanks and 73 de Larry, N5FPW
Brasstown, NC


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