Run Time error 53 File not found vbis5032.dll

Bruce B

Been running logger for along time. 18-20 if that sounds right. Great program.Only had a few minor issues in that time that I corrected.

Sorry if this sounds basic. But when running good you dont tinker with it. Now I have to open the hood and look again whats wrong. Its been about 8 years since I had to open the hood. LOL

My problem now is.

I booted up yesterday and all went well. After about 5 minutes the program closed. Ok click on Icon and nothing there. Second click and Icon is gone.
So after looking at the files. I do not see the little Icon in the folder with the antenna. But I finally get it to open 4 screens and the the dreaded error shows up.

Run Time error 53  File not found vbis5032.dll.  Looked at the files and its there. Spent about 3 hours searching and reading. Can someone point me in the direction to correct or do I need to reload program. Thanks Bruce

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