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Bob, once again, a brilliant solution. J


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No Ken, not paranoia, just a fact of life in the on-line era. Just Google 'Harley Davidson' a couple of times, or stamp collecting, or something else that you have absolutely no interest in. You'll immediately notice targeted marketing ads, and spam mail, appearing on your screen that relate directly to what you searched for. I logged on to my 4th XYLs PC, and searched for 'Chippendales' 20 times, and logged off. That kept her out of my face for weeks. SeventyThree(s).

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This sounds like USA paranoia!!!!




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One caveat regarding Avast, from PCMag: “Avast is harvesting users' browser histories on the pretext that the data has been 'de-identified,' thus protecting your privacy. But the data, which is being sold to third parties, can be linked back to people's real identities, exposing every click and search they've made.”


And while we are on the subject, as for Kasperksky, given it’s ownership, I would be cautious with that one as well. Jmho.



Jim  W1YY


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I concur. AGV Free disables Windows Defender. I have used it for many years and never had problems with it, or it with Logger32.







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