L32Logsyn and L32Lookups Updates.

Rick Ellison

L32Logsync has been updated to add password URL encoding for LOTW uploads
for passwords that contain shifted characters (Symbols above the number keys
1 thru 0). Also if you export qso's from the Logger32 database for LOTW when
you select not to update the qsl flags for those qso's the flags will
correctly change to Sent to LOTW and turn off Send to LOTW as long as the
qso uploads with success. You can download the file below.


L32Lookups has been updated to use URL Encoding on passwords containing
Shifted Characters(Symbols above the number keys 1 thru 0) for XML Lookups.
If your password contains one of these characters you will need to use this
updated version or QRZ will return an error during the lookup. You can
download the installer below. (Note this is the first build for L32Lookups
using the new installer. You might be prompted to use the Control Panel Add/
Remove files to uninstall the old version.


73 Rick N2AMG

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