Re: subscript out of range

All I get on opening L32 after that subscript out of range message is the outline, no windows inside appear. Clicking on help to check the version just says version again.


I upgraded today so I’m presumably using the latest version.


Yesterday the start icon disappeared, today it exists but clicking on it fails to start L32. Well, just for a second then I get that subscript message.


I can’t open roll back to a previous version.


I have logger32 in my virus exclusion settings.


I give up. I’ve used L32 happily for years but recently its been almost unusable, no doubt due to MS.


Maybe Bob needs to cough up the protection money to MS!


Thanks anyway for the reply





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Hi Ken,

If you go to the help tab at the top of L32, what version is loaded? Have you done an update lately? Mine shows version 3.50.414, this I think is the latest update because when I tried updating just 30 seconds ago, it says there are no more updates. Either 411, 412 or 413 updates had a problem and wiped out the Start Icon on the desktop. If that is the case, you need to look in a previous version, copy the EXE file and paste it into the Logger32 root folder. Try doing a update before you try to recover the programme. The reason it (The PC) deleted the startup icon was the anti virus thought it had a virus. Hopefully you say Backup All before you update?

I hope this helps a little?

On 14/05/2020 16:05, kenfilmer@... wrote:

I lost L32 last night, deleted by MS - thanks morons!

I got L32 back after messing around for ages (I am no computer expert) I upgraded L32 today - no Logger32 again.

Clicking the L32 icon the programme seems to start for a second or two then disappears and I get the message subscript out of range.

Is this time to go back to a paper logbook?

Can anybody help?




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