Re: L32 Shorcut and exe gone missing

Gerald Boutin

On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 01:05 PM, Karl Beckman wrote:
Both Microsoft and Malwarebytes recommend  NOT running multiple installations of online auto-virus checking software at the same time. Instead they suggest disabling one or the other and manually running that package periodically as a "post-possible-infection" diagnostic.  No need to have several software utility packages all trying to disable the same download target, especially when it is a known and reported false positive.  If you don't trust either package to do their assigned job properly, why would you trust BOTH ikn tandem??
Karl  WA8NVW  OH
Belt and suspenders. If one misses, might get it with the other. A false positive should be less of a concern than a missed virus.
Gerald, VE1DT

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