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We believe that this kind of software (HamLib in jtdx/wsjtx) should not control

TRX power ON/OFF. I do not understand why HamLib implemented this.


On 2020/05/10 16:07, G4RRM Pete wrote:
Hi Aki

I have the same issue with my FT5k and Expert 1k.
I have reported this to the JTDX group.

Also noticed is, from cold start up, if you run the software before turning on the radio it will switch on itself and the amp (linked via band data)
If you turn radio off first, likewise it will restart if you don’t close the software quickly.

If you turn the software off before the radio all seems to be ok.

I was told on another group this would be fixed in an update, but still happens in rc150.
I'd suggest you let them know as the guy I was mailing didn’t seem aware!


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It is very strange/annoying at least for me though....

If you have icom radio then try this. I notice this with ic7610.

1. Power off your radio.
2. Run jtdx
3. Your radio turns ON automatically after a while.

This does not happen with my K3 and TS480.
73 de aki

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