Re: Program disappeared while using it and then big probs reloading latest version. Help please.

Julian GW4JBQ

Hi Ron,
Don’t forget to run the updater as administrator, this will allow it to run and install.
PS. Ross sends his Regards

On 12 Apr 2020, at 17:49, Ron Stone via <gw3ydx@...> wrote:

Good afternoon guys

Logger32 and its ancestors has been  perfect for over 25 years but yesterday and today I have big problems getting it to instal and run. 

Yesterday I was in the middle of a QSO and without warning or touching anything, the program entirely disappeared apart from the small CW key sub-program. No Logger32 icons anywhere, no Logger32.exe in the Logger 32 directory. Only thing that fixed it, after much trial and error was a system restore. Having done that I can load the program and run it but that is Version 3.50.0. Any attempt to load the latest 3.50.412 results in failure. The following error messages appear....

CopyFile API failed to copy Logger32.exe. 

If I ignore that and press OK,  another error message appears 

File error loading C;\Logger32\ADIF.TXT Subscript out of range. 

Clicking OK then opens the program screen but with "QRX loading" displayed. I have left it for two hours and nothing happens. 

I thought that the problem might be that my anti-virus software, Windows Defender ,wasnt set to include Logger32.exe and  Logger32autoinstaller in the inbound Rules so I added them. No difference. Error message "CopyFile API failed to copy Logger32.exe. and again the ADIF error message. Starting the program gives the QRX  message again and nothing happens

Right now I cant see my way out of running forever with 3.50.0 and would much appreciate help getting out of this fix. 

73 and stay safe


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