Re: Sience update Tqsl Logger doesen't mark sendQSL-s


Hi Ernö
Welcome to the club ...hihih.I had the same problem and Rick N2AMG knows the problem and preparing 
Mike sp5ewx

W dniu sob., 11.04.2020 o 15:23 Ernö <ha1ar@...> napisał(a):

Until today Logsync has worked perfectly. After a qso, send automatically  qsl and Logger marked it as "qslsend". And i was so happy! HI!
Today i updated the Tqsl.( Logsync offered the update) Since thes, after a qso  Logync. send a qsl aut.   I cann  see it after a few minutes on the LoTW page. But is not marked as "send" by the Logger32. Only as "flagged"!
What have i done wrong???

My system:
WIN10 32bit
Logger32:  3,50,412
Logsync: 2.0.16
Tqsl  2.5.2

HA1AR Ernö

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