Number index problem

Paul F6EXV

Hello all
Using the latest version of L32 on a Win 10 machine. L32LogSync also running simultaneously with JTDX.
When finishing a QSO for direct logging into L32, I get several error messages :
1/ Failed to position to end of SerialNumber index
2/ Protected VmxPort failed
Souce module: log QSO
Logger32 errornum: 1006
Error writing data to a statistic file -Recalculate your statistics
4/ .... something I did not write...

I have over 50,000 QSO in my log, and stat recalculation takes ages. I don't really want to have to do that after each QSO.
Any idea what went wrong ?
If I need to re-install, where do I get the configuration data back from ?

Thanks, 73, and stay away from the beast !
Paul F6EXV

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