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Dave Colliau

I just found my copy I guess I didnt have it installed on this machine. I have my reg fil

On March 20, 2020 at 7:04 AM Per <pmolund@...> wrote:

I assume that it is not that easy to make an new install with the old database as DXbase used to be licensed to the callsign unless Your friend has the license file on hand. If You import QSO's from another operator they will show up in the log, but You cannot print or export these as far as I can remember. Been a very long time since I gave up on DXbase.

There is still an old-fashion newsgroup with some activity and some hardcore DXbase supporters around; 
I assume You would be able to receive more up to date information here.

As far as I remember, the only ADIF that existed within DXbase was the LotW ADIF which was very limited, but I could be wrong on this.

The good thing about DXbase (and mostly unknown) is that it used MS Access DB Engine although an very old version as its database. If You have MS Access installed on the PC You can read the old database and have access to all the records. However DO NOT upgrade the database when MS Access suggest it on loading as this gives You problems later on.

The relation data model used by DXbase is quite simple, however it can not be directly mapped to ADIF/L32 data model. A couple of issues that come to my mind are handling of QSL managers, mail addresses and that counties are named different.

I converted a number of DXbase installations to ADIF files for myself and local friends years ago, at the time I had access to FME software where we wrote an workbench for the task. A few of these was the same situation as Yours, machine crash and no DXbase installation/license files, but we was able the recover/copy the database file off the disk which we converted to ADIF.    

73 de LA9XKA - Per  

On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 12:39 AM, k4cvl wrote:

A good friend wants to step into the 21st Century and it didn’t take much convincing of him to start using Logger 32.  He had an old laptop that failed some time back which he was using with a program called DXbase 5.0. He will need to off load the logs from the machine and a couple of Iomega zip discs (you remember them?) and convert them to adif file(s) to recover some 40,000 contacts. I wonder if anyone has an old copy of that software around that they’d be willing to let go or make a copy of?

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