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Thanks Dave but for some reason he insists he needs the program to be able to get the files of the zip drives. It’s kinda over my head..I’m just trying to help.  -Mike


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Doesn't dxbase do an adif export ? I have the last dxbase as I used it till Neal killed it. I remember there is a utility . I can look tomorrow
Dave N8DC

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Thursday, 19 March 2020, 07:42PM -04:00 from k4cvl mryan001@...:

A good friend wants to step into the 21st Century and it didn’t take much convincing of him to start using Logger 32.  He had an old laptop that failed some time back which he was using with a program called DXbase 5.0. He will need to off load the logs from the machine and a couple of Iomega zip discs (you remember them?) and convert them to adif file(s) to recover some 40,000 contacts. I wonder if anyone has an old copy of that software around that they’d be willing to let go or make a copy of?

n  Mike


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