Re: Logger32 installation Win10/64 Bit not possible, because of missing Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

Gerry VE6LB

I don't have ms office enterprise 2007 on any of my 3 W10-64 machines and they are all running L32 , no problems .

On March 19, 2020 11:49:58 a.m. MDT, hgosch <hgosch@...> wrote:

Logger32 runs on my Home PC (Win10, 64 Bit) without problems.


L32 was installed functionally on my notebook (Win10, 64 bit) a long time ago. Now I wanted to do a complete new installation with a current L32 version, which I am not able to do because Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 is being searched for at the beginning of the installation process.


But this Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 is no longer on the notebook since I switched to win365.


For this reason the L32 installation is obviously not possible.


I hope someone is able to give me a tip on how to solve the problem.

Many tnx in advance.
73, Harry oe6gc



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