Re: LoTW QSL receive Date



Try thisĀ  (You say it worked before)

1. Open Logger32 folder.

2. You see

3. Open Updatefiles for Ver3.50.408.

4. Copy ALL files and paste them in Logger32 folder.

5. If it does not work then open Updatefiles for ver3.50.407 and copy all files in Logger32 folder.

6. If it works then update to the latest version by auto update or manual update.


On 2020/03/12 18:42, kenfilmer@... wrote:
Thanks Jim. I will read your message a couple of times more, maybe I'll understand it better.

Why I'm puzzled is that it all worked fine for years and when I upgraded L32 I couldn't open itĀ  for reasons unknown. I reloaded the latest L32 and I've had problems ever since.

I might go though the painful process of reloading it once more.

Many thanks Jim

73 de aki

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