Re: upgrade.


Hi Ken

Why do't you use the utility L32 LogSync made by N2AMG. ( )
By just 1 click it uploads all your qso's from Logger32 to LOTW
And when you want the confirmed LOTW QSO's imported into Logger32 its also 1 or 2 clicks.
Very simple.
You have to flag ofcourse the option Send LOTW QSL in the Logbook Page window and you have to use the most recent TQSL


Op 12-3-2020 om 10:22 schreef kenfilmer@...:
Checking ADIF file sent to ARRL - yes it does have a Y by LoTW QSL sent.
Does that mean I am OK and the problem lies elsewhere indicating there will be no point in me reloading L32?

my dxspider clusters running on a raspberry pi:  
pa4jj-2 port 7300
pa4jj-3 port 7388

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