Update L32Logsync v 2.0.15

Rick Ellison

I have just posted a new update for my L32Logsync application. It is
available at the link below.

This update has 2 main changes to the program.
1. It corrects a bug in the eQSL downloading of qso's for users whose
password contained Shifted characters. The parse routine was not correctly
escaping those characters.

2. This adds to the program the ability to upload individual qso's and log
files to the QRZ Logbook. Please note in order for the QRZ Logbook to work
the user is required to have one of the QRZ Subscriptions. The least being
the XML Lookup subscription ($29.99). If you do not have a subscription QRZ
will notify the user of this after it tries to upload the qso. This only
works with uploads. It does not work for Deletions and Fetching.


73 Rick N2AMG

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