Re: Unable to open L32 and more

Hi Gary


Nice to hear from you again. You helped me with FT8 some months ago.


Many thanks for the advice.


I shall persevere with L32. Its just so !!!***@@@ frustrating after using L32 happily for years and years and then for no apparent reason it all goes to pot!


I’m no computer expert which is probably most of my problem, but with L32 I didn’t do anything I haven’t done hundreds of times before.


Thanks again.


By the way, how do I access the ‘BAD ADI FILE?’


That message (or something like it) came up when some ADIF contacts failed to load into the new L32 programme.


Thanks again, best to all from sunny Hawkinge!







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Hi Ken.


If you’d have asked for help earlier, we might have been able to avoid you having to reconfigure L32!  There should be backups of your L32 files, including the .INI configuration file, stashed somewhere on your computer.


Anyway …


First, just in case, take a backup copy of your ADIF log and save it somewhere safe, offline (e.g. on a USB stick or CD).  That way, if something goes horribly wrong, at least you won’t have lost your whole log. 


Since importing your log lost 5,000 QSOs, that suggests a fault in the ADIF file.  Since it appears 28,000 QSOs loaded OK, the fault is likely to lie between the 28,000 and 5,000, so roughly 85% of the way through the ADIF.  I would open the ADIF with a plain text editor (such as Wordpad or TED), scroll down 85% of the way and look for any obvious/gross` issues such as junk in the file, corrupted lines, blanks or whatever. 


If you find gross errors, correct them manually if you can and save the corrected ADIF file with a new name, otherwise save just the uncorrupted QSO records after that point to a new ADIF file, then import that into L32.


If you don’t find gross errors, you might try opening and checking through the ADIF file using ADIFmaster.  It understands the ADIF field names, showing your log as a table/spreadsheet.  It might tell you about errors as it opens the file (more clues for you to fix manually), or you can scroll down to see if it has the whole log (in which case, export the file to a new ADIF and, again, try importing that into L32).


I’m not sure what’s going on with the QSO numbering: I don’t pay much attention to QSO numbers, normally, but I know there is a function to “reformat” (i.e. renumber) QSO numbers for your whole log sequentially if it matters to you.  Try that.  Look under Tools:




Gary  ZL2iFB


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I’ve happily used L32 for years until the last auto update came along this week. Once I updated I was unable open Logger32. I tried everything, no success so I reloaded the programme, set up bands and modes etc!

Loading my saved log ADIF L32 wouldn’t load some 5000 contacts and L32 said recalculate statistics, which I did.. Now whenever I log a contact despite the last QSO being numbered 28000, the next QSO number is number 1.

Has anybody any ideas what went wrong?



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