Re: Logger 32:new computer

Jim Hargrave


a)      The best way is to make full backups on the old setup. Suggest you export your logbook to an ADI file

b)      Run a full install and let it update on the new computer

c)       Unpack your backup files in the new folder.

d)      Import the logbook adi file

Good luck. You may encounter a few errors, such as fonts and window size etc.


Jim – w5ifp-


From: [] On Behalf Of Bryan Sanders
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2020 3:52 PM
Subject: [hamlogger] Logger 32:new computer


I have been running logger32 on an older computer. I have logbook and user settings saved on a 16 gb flash drive. Where would I need to go once I load logger 32 on the new computer. Want to have it look the same as it was on the old computer. 

thanks, Bryan,NU8J 

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