Problem with WAZ Highlights in DX Spot Window

Greg - WC0M

I have been running the latest update (v3.50.408) on Windows 10.
I noticed that even though I have WAZ credits in all 40 zones, the Spots Window highlights are indicating that I need many zones for WAZ.
When I rollback to v3.50.407 the problem goes away.

I noticed that the issue popped up immediately after applying the DXCC award to track from Phone to Mixed sometime after the update.
I tried recalculating statistics to no avail.
I tried switching between Mixed, Phone and CW in v3.50.408 and the problem persists. In v3.50.407 when I switch, the appropriate changes are applied.

A picture is attached from v3.50.408 and from v3.50.407. In My setup I use orange for the WAZ highlight. The v3.50.408 picture shows a lot of orange highlights that should not be there.

Has anyone else seen this problem?
Greg - WC0M

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