ODP: [hamlogger] Speed change

Andy VA3PL

Thanks a lot...indeed it works.

Andy SP9KR

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Wysłane: wtorek, 25 lutego 2020 18:53
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Temat: Re: [hamlogger] Speed change


puts my speed up by 2wpm with a Winkeyer USB then drops the speed back down (I just tried it).

73 Darren G0TSM

On 25/02/20 17:32, Andy None via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi there
I am using CW machine with WinKeyer USB.
I would like to have CW speed change for the such micro: QSL <<<5NN SP9KR>>>
None of the macros such $Speed+$ or $Speed-$ or $SpeedUP$ or $SpeedDWN$ work.
Any idea?
What am I doing it wrong?

Andy SP9KR

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